Conference Room Technology

Is your conference room technology up to hosting an efficient and productive meeting?

Woman using conference room video technology

Moffitt Technology is ready to help you with your conference room technology. We are audio-visual consultants who understand the technology. And, we can help you integrate all systems smoothly into your project.

With more employees working remotely, the ability to keep everyone communicating in your organization is more important than ever. It can affect your productivity and financial health negatively if your conference room technology is not working.

In fact, research shows that only 15 percent of U.S. conference rooms are set up for video. Why is that?  There are a few key reasons:

  • Concern over budget.
  • Confusion over how to evaluate different systems.
  • Difficulty in using the systems once they are installed.

To ensure your technology works seamlessly, we recommend hiring  a professional audio-visual company to help you work through these issues.

Will our conference room technology work and is it easy to use?

Meeting room with a video system installed by certified A/V technicians

This is a common question we hear from our end-users. The conference room technology of today must be easy to use and also use space efficiently, no matter how large or small.  Your teleconferencing needs will include a flexible system that fits into the global workspace where many of your employees and clients are not actually in the room.

Because of this emerging trend, some organizations are finding they spend more time in meetings, not less. Because of this, you have to make every minute count.

After all, who hasn’t experienced the frustration of not being able to see or hear a participant in a teleconference?  At Moffitt, we know your needs will center around questions like “Will it work?” and “Is it easy to use?”

Moffitt Technology uses proven, sound presentation systems like the Crestron Presentation System to provide outstanding video and sound that works reliably. We can design something very basic for you, or we can install a more versatile conference system.

We can provide versatility for switching between multiple inputs including wireless presentation, cable cubbies, blu-ray players, PCs, and more.

Our Conference Room Technology Process

When you work with Moffitt Technology, our professionals will use a process that makes your life and your decision easier.

We will do an onsite visit and discuss your needs and budget with you before making recommendations. After our needs analysis, we’ll sit down with you and discuss the best way to work with your company.  Then we will present an estimate to you and discuss the equipment needed. After that, we’ll install the equipment and train your staff on how to use it.

Moffitt Tech is dedicated to working with you to make the process as painless and productive as possible. We are your solutions experts and the right people for your video system needs. And once we are done, we are always available for support and service!

We would love to talk to you about installing useful and productive conference room technology.  Contact us today so we can get started!