Electronic Security Systems

Our industry-certified pros bring you the most effective electronic security systems in Montgomery, AL, built to meet your unique needs and budget considerations.

Security Systems and Solutions for Montgomery, AL

From corporations to government agencies to schools to churches, security is an ever-present concern for public and private institutions. Effective surveillance, access control, and monitoring systems are essential for your organization to protect itself from a number of security threats ranging from theft and vandalism to corporate espionage and legal liability.

Designing and installing an electronic security system that fits your property and personnel’s unique needs and doesn’t break the bank can seem impossible. A system that doesn’t fit your property’s needs opens up vulnerabilities in your properties and operations.

Your security system must fit your building and budget like a glove.

Don’t Cut Corners For Your Security

When you need a security system for your building or property, you don’t want its installation to be:

  • Too slow
  • Too expensive
  • Too disruptive to your daily operations

Cutting corners to deliver a security system on time or within budget compromises the security of your property.

At Moffitt Technology, we provide expert security consulting and installation for electronic security systems, audio and video security, and more—delivering just the right security your property and personnel need on time and within budget, no corners cut.

Security Systems Montgomery, AL - Moffitt Technology

Security Systems Montgomery AL - Moffitt Technology

Providing Only the Best Security Systems for Alabama Institutions

Our security services include security consulting, design, installation, and training. We work with you every step of the way to create practical solutions for your property. We start with a conversation and end with a finished system and your staff fully trained to use it.

Moffitt is dedicated to providing custom security systems for public and private institutions, such as:

Churches and other religious institutions

Schools, universities, and other educational institutions

Municipal and state buildings, including courthouses and offices

Corporate office buildings and small businesses

We’re ready to solve your security problems. We listen to our client’s needs and design the best security solutions to match.

We Make Electronic Security Easy
for Public Institutions

Our current State of Alabama contracts makes it easy for schools and state agencies to take advantage of our electronic security services without going through time-consuming and confusing bid processes.

  • Three-year warranty
  • Pre-negotiated equipment discounts and labor rates
  • Licensed technicians
  • No bidding needed!

We Maintain
Industry Standard Certifications

Our team at Moffitt proactively obtains and maintains industry certifications, manufacturers’ training, and cutting-edge expertise to provide the best electronic security expertise for your needs.

We are active with AVIXA, AESBL certified, and are a licensed general contractor. Our affiliations include the Associated General Contractors of America Alabama (ALAGC), the Electronic Security Association (ESA), and the Alabama Alarm Association (AAA). We are a certified Alarm.com partner and Nest Pro installer.

Why is electronic security important?

Electronic security systems—including security cameras, alarm systems, access control systems, and more—have become essential parts of any public or private institution.

With electronic security measures in place, you can protect your assets from external and internal theft, provide a safe workspace by preventing intrusions and resolving workplace incidents, and protect your property even when there’s no one on the premises.

Electronic security systems can connect to devices such as your computer, tablet, or smartphone to provide instant security updates, alerting you about potential or attempted breaches within seconds.

Electronic Security with Moffitt

Moffitt provides comprehensive electronic security services. From security consulting to installation to training, our professionals are up to the task of making just the right electronic security system for your needs.

Security Consulting

When you come to us for a security consult, we take care of everything, including risk assessment and current and emerging threat assessments for your existing security system, policy review, and more. Our security consulting professionals help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your existing security system and improve the security of your premises.

Audio Video Security

Audio, video, and security are our bread and butter. With Moffitt’s audio video security services, we connect you to the best surveillance and monitored security systems for your needs and your budget, from security cameras to fire alarms and access control systems.

Church Security Systems

Churches perform vital roles as places of worship and community hubs. From access control to emergency system lockdown systems, unobtrusive video surveillance systems, we connect you to the right electronic security systems to protect your members and your congregation’s assets. We have extensive experience designing, installing, and maintaining church security systems that meet your needs without straining your budget.


Hear from some of our clients and their experiences

The team at Moffitt Technology has provided exceptional service and support to the College of Education for many years. From project design and planning to installation, every aspect of their work is top-notch. Additionally, the level and quality of customer service provided is the best I’ve experienced in my 20 years of working with A/V companies. Simply put, Moffitt is extremely professional, provides highly personalized service, and always delivers on customer satisfaction.”

Joseph Walsh

Jacksonville State University

The audio video system used to document all court proceedings was top of the line.  But as time passed this system begin to fail and the parts for the old system became unavailable.  When it became apparent a new system was needed Moffitt Technology was called. I want to say it has been a privilege to work with the entire team of the Moffitt family.  From design to the installation of the new V-Brick system the project was handled with true professionalism.

Brad Roate, Building Manager

Alabama Supreme Court


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Ready to get the security system your building deserves?

We solve your problems. We listen to your needs, design and deliver your new security system to meet those needs, and ensure your staff gets full training to properly use your system and get the most out of your investment. With Moffitt, you can rest easy, confident that your building and everything in it is safe and secure.

See why others have trusted Moffitt Technology to deliver state-of-the-art security systems, A/V systems, and more in Montgomery, Birmingham, Prattville, and neighboring cities since 1934.