After working with clients for as many years as we have, we have received many similar questions and concerns from prospective and existing customers throughout various stages of their audio, video, and security system projects. Get the answers to our frequently asked questions below!

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Moffitt Technology is located in Prattville, Alabama, and we have served various institutions and organizations all across the state. We are a Licensed General Contractor with the state of Alabama, and our technicians have also designed and installed audio, video, and security systems in Florida and Georgia. We have helped dozens of businesses, government agencies, houses of worship, and other facilities with their audio, video, and security needs.

We can help you with dozens of different types of projects that enhance communication and security including video conferencing, paging systems, classroom and auditorium audio, sports stadium audio, mass notification, access control, and so much more. For a more complete list of the projects we can do, visit our Services page.

There are several factors that we account for when we tally up a final bill for our services, including the cost of the equipment itself, labor hours for creating designs and installing the equipment, and the difficulty or ease of the project itself.

We pride ourselves on our ability to design and install a comprehensive audio, video, or security system that adheres to nearly any budget. We will work with you to create a plan that suits your needs at your price, and each project is fully customized to only include what you want and need. Our representatives can walk you through the pros and cons of adding or passing on each piece of equipment they recommend, but we won’t try to trick you or pressure you into purchasing things that you don’t actually need.

We understand that purchasing new equipment is an investment, and we will do everything we can to make the process simple and cost-effective.

No, we offer a wide variety of products and design options, and our representatives only recommend equipment that they believe will best suit your facility. We aren’t loyal to any certain brands, which allows us to focus our attention on addressing your needs instead of hitting sales figures for a big-name technology company like other designers and installers.

That’s A-OK! Our dedicated staff will get a better idea of what you’re looking for during the initial contact, and you can schedule a site visit with one of our representatives. A Moffitt technician will take a look at your facility and talk with you about how you envision your audio, video, or security system enhancing your business or organization. The technician can then offer suggestions about various designs and pieces of equipment that have worked well for past clients, and help you identify any other needs you may have in your facility.

From there, our staff will perform a more in-depth evaluation to gather measurements and test acoustics in the facility before making further recommendations and informing you of trouble areas or features of the space that may add costs to your total. After we have seen what you are working with, we will provide you with a design concept and an initial estimate to make sure you and our representatives are completely on the same page before proceeding to the purchasing and installation process.

Absolutely. Even the best security, audio, and visual systems don’t provide much value if they aren’t used properly, which is why we always schedule a training appointment after everything is installed. This allows our staff to give you an overview of how everything works, and it gives you and your staff time to ask questions. You can also opt to schedule follow-up training periods for a small fee, or you can build repeated training into a service contract.

We also reach out to clients for follow-ups after we have installed new equipment to ensure everything is up to par and that everything continues to work as it should. If not, we will work to make it right as soon as possible.

Our representatives possess a great deal of experience and knowledge, and they aren’t just qualified to design, install and integrate audio, video, and security systems, they can conduct repairs too! Even if we didn’t install the equipment ourselves, we may still be able to help with timely and professional repairs- just ask!

Technological issues or questions don’t always come at the most convenient times, which is why Moffitt Technology has an emergency phone line to provide you with support even outside of normal business hours. Whether you’re hosting a late-night event or Sunday service, you can relax knowing that you can contact us with problems or questions around the clock.

We also have a toll-free number that allows us to answer your questions and address your needs during and after the installation process.

Yes! Aside from being a Licensed General Contractor in Alabama, we also hold Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure (AESBL). We are affiliated with several state and national security agencies, and we hold numerous partner certifications with various security companies. Many of our staff members also have additional credentials, and you can see a full list of our qualifications on our Industry Certifications page.

If you have another question that wasn’t answered above, or you are ready to get in touch with a Moffitt Technology representative about getting a new audio, video, or security system installed, please contact us today! After filling out the online form, one of our dedicated staff members will contact you in a timely manner to answer your questions and assist you with next steps.

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