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Every Environment Deserves a Custom Fit

Choosing the right AV or security setup involves more than just picking high-tech gear; it’s about finding a system that fits the specific demands of your space. As a result, customers often struggle with off-the-shelf options that don’t fully meet their expectations or needs.

At Moffitt, we specialize in developing personalized solutions that truly match the way you use your space. With a legacy of over 25 years dedicated to Alabama’s communities, our audio-visual specialists and security consultants provide a level of service and expertise that ensures each technology solution we offer is tailored to you.

Woman using Commercial Intercom System to access building

Intercom Systems

Keep your lines of communication open with our state-of-the-art intercom systems, ensuring crystal-clear audio and effortless operation throughout your facility.

Perfect for everything from daily announcements to direct interactions, these systems are designed to keep your team continuously connected.
Our solutions make staying in touch across your space simple and effective.

Paging & Emergency Notifications

Stay prepared and connected with our paging and emergency notification systems.

Designed for reliability and ease of use, these systems are essential for effective communication during critical moments.

Our solutions ensure that everyone in your facility is clearly informed and alerted, whether in daily operations or emergency situations.

Paging system in school corridor
Smart conference room control unit

Room System Control

Take command of your environment with our intuitive room system control solutions.
From adjusting lighting and temperature to managing AV equipment, our systems bring simplicity and automation to your fingertips.

Elevate the functionality of your space with controls that are not just smart but also incredibly user-friendly.

Sound Systems

Crystal-clear audio that engages and captivates an audience allows you to convey a message with perfect clarity.
Moffitt’s dynamic sound systems make the perfect solution, whether addressing a room full of people or a large auditorium.

Our audio-visual specialists will install a cutting-edge audio system that ensures your message is received loud and clear from the front row to the back.

Woman using boardroom av for presentation
Commercial AV Setup for University Auditorium

Video Systems

Our professional video systems provide exceptional quality and clarity, enabling you to deliver a message with an impact your audience will notice.

From large-scale displays to small class or conference room setups, we offer customized solutions designed to meet your unique project requirements.

Our Audio-video technicians will work to create a seamless video experience that enhances your business, manufacturing, educational, or worship space.

Access Control & Security Systems

Protecting your people and property cannot be taken for granted. Minimizing security risks requires knowing who’s entering your facility and how.

Our security systems limit access to authorized personnel while allowing you to monitor what’s happening inside and out.

From video surveillance monitoring and recording to access control, our team of security experts can design an effective system that meets the needs of your business, school, or house of worship.

Commercial CCTV Security System Alarm Equipment
Remote church group meets using audio visual equipment

Web & Video Conferencing

Connect and collaborate with ease using our web & video conferencing solutions.

Designed for seamless, high-quality virtual meetings, our business AV solutions bridge distances and ensures clear and reliable communications.

Embrace the power of digital collaboration with our systems that bring people together wherever they are.

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