Video Systems

Professional video systems improve the quality of your meeting or presentation and are currently in high demand. Video communication save companies time and money and improves safety and while offering a competitive return on investment.


Video Systems for Meetings & Presentations | Moffitt Technology, Montgomery, Alabama

Digital Video Upgrades

From single classroom projectors to giant video walls, Moffitt Technology offers full-scale integration of all types for video systems that fit any environment. Bring your old analog video system into the Digital High Definition standard or add new technologies like Zoom or Sync to existing meeting spaces.

Video Systems for Meetings and Presentations | Moffitt Technology in Montgomery Alabama

Integrated Web and Video Conferencing

Moffitt advises both small and large businesses on the different technologies like web or videoconferencing and when one or both might be utilized. Moffitt can easily integrate either into existing conference rooms, boardrooms and training centers. Small details, like camera selection, display selection, lighting and shade control, can create an efficient user-friendly system.

Through Moffitt’s vast experience in diverse spaces, our engineers have acquired the knowledge to help customers select the right video products for the size of the room and the activities that occur there.

The Process

Our process at Moffitt is a series of 8 steps designed to ensure that each customer gets the solution that is right for their needs and budget.

  1. Our process begins with a Moffitt representative who will visit your site to gather information. Topics covered will include project scope, budget, and goals.
  2. Our technical personnel will evaluate your facility.
  3. We will generate a functional design that addresses the customer needs within an estimated budget.
  4. Moffitt Technology provides a Formal Proposal.
  5. Equipment on order and installation is placed on our schedule.
  6. Installation will begin on the scheduled day and we will work diligently to complete the project on time.
  7. Training – At the conclusion of your project the Moffitt staff will provide training to insure the proper use of your new system.
  8. Support and Service – Moffitt is a full service provider offering ongoing service contracts featuring preventative maintenance and all levels of support.

Our advanced knowledge of the new digital video standards ensures your video systems will meet the needs of your organization well into the future. Our designs incorporate future standards to protect your investment in this fluid period of analog to digital transition.

Allow Moffitt Technology to design and showcase your video system. Contact us today.