When Do You Need to Replace Your Current Audio Visual System?

Sound systems are complex and include several important components that are used in gymnasiums, conference rooms, colleges, houses of worship, concerts and other venues. Each location is unique and requires specific audio needs, but there comes a time when your sound system requires an upgrade. Here are a few signs:

  • Audio is non-existent. If “we can’t hear you,” is a common phrase uttered during conference calls or classroom presentations, it’s definitely time for new components or a brand new sound system.

  • Phone jack requirements. If your audio system requires phone jacks or other cords, it’s time for an upgrade. Corded systems are unreliable and the audio quality is poor. In some cases, companies are unable to fix or replace corded systems.

  • Conference room equipment. It’s time for an upgrade when your staff members are huddling around one microphone and your speakers are situated on the table, rather than within the walls or ceiling providing a better range.    

Recommended Upgrades

  • Microphone. Investing in a new microphone will allow you to incorporate it with streaming and webcasting platforms giving you a lot more flexibility.

  • Speakers. If you’re going to invest in new microphones, upgraded speakers are essential to broadcasting it. As employees continue to adjust to a remote working environment, quality speakers will also make it easier to hear everyone.

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