How Do School Intercom Systems Work?

School Intercom Systems Make Schools Safer and More Efficient in Uncertain Times

You have probably experienced an intercom system at work while in school. An intercom, also called intercommunication device or door phone, is a stand-alone voice communications system commonly used in schools and universities. It is a two-way communication electronic device that contains circuitry that allows transmitting and receiving audio and/or video transmissions. This is performed through Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), which is an integral part of a security and video solution.

School with intercom system professionally installed
School intercom systems are part of a holistic safety program in educational institutions

The intercom allows a person to speak into a microphone to be heard on a speaker by people in a different room or building throughout a school. With a push of a button, intercom stations can initiate a call to the main office base station, making two-way voice communication a simple task at each location. This intercom system may be enhanced by adding wireless PA (public address) speakers, LED message boards, digital clocks, or analog clocks for school-wide messaging and emergency alerts.

Safety Throughout Schools

School intercom systems are an effective wireless communication system with intercom stations throughout the school and surrounding areas. They make schools safer and improve daily operations. School intercom systems can function with multiple indoor or outdoor zones and can communicate with each specific intercom station individually. As a wireless communication solution, systems offer easy installation and expansion at any single or multi-building school. A wireless two-way intercom system includes a desktop intercom base station. Located at a central location, the system operator can initiate or answer intercom calls to and from multiple wall-mounted wireless intercom stations across the school.

The main features of intercom systems include:

  • Emergency intercom for fast communications
  • Broadcast to reach as many people as possible in the school buildings
  • Group call for effective meetings and other sessions
  • Regional broadcast to target larger groups, but not the entire population

A school intercom system helps in many different ways from simple voice paging to class bell schedules and emergency visual notification. Moffitt Technology makes it easy for educators to enable collaboration and efficient communication. Whether it is campus-wide deployments involving multiple buildings or just speakers in a single room, no job is too large or small. Moffitt Technology features only nationally respected brands like Aiphone, Valcom, and Biamp to ensure you have a system that meets your needs. These brands include voice paging, intercom, emergency towers, and mass notification products which help organizations keep people safe, informed, and on schedule.

Aiphone a Major Supplier for Schools

Moffitt Technology uses Aiphone, an intercom manufacturer for which education is a big market. About 80 percent of both public and private K-12 and higher education campuses are using at least one intercom in some form according to Bruce Czerwinski, U.S. General Sales Manager for Aiphone Corporation.

The IS Series from Aiphone offers hardwired and network-based intercom options for entry security, internal communication, rescue assistance, paging, and bell/chime scheduling. It is unique in its ability to provide hardwired, exchange-based intercoms, network-based remote intercoms, and the flexibility to integrate both styles to grant remote access control, assist onsite visitors from an offsite location, broadcast emergency announcements, and communicate using a traditional or software-based master station.

Getting Started with Moffitt Technology

We are here to help create a learning environment that places a premium on safety and security. We will start by performing an onsite needs analysis to determine your requirements and budget and end with a fully installed system supported and serviced by Moffitt. Our start-to-finish integration means you don’t have to worry or stress. It’s important to consider budget, ease of use, and effectiveness, and a Moffitt Technology representative can help guide you through that entire process.

We’d love to talk with you and your team about the intercom and paging services we can offer your school or university.

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