What Is an Audio Visual Consultant, and How Can They Help?

Audio visual consultant trains on new systemIf you are installing an audio visual system in your house of worship, school, or office, then you may wonder if you need an audio visual consultant. This can seem like an extra expense, but an AV consultant is actually a vital part of the project.

What Is an Audio Visual Consultant?

An audio visual consultant is a specialist trained to work with you to implement a larger electronic audio visual system. They are a professional who:

  • Oversees the project
  • Ensures that the right equipment is being installed
  • Monitors the installation
  • Ensures that you get what you want for a reasonable price

The consultant will look at the size and shape of your room to ensure a good viewing angle, advise you on the best equipment, balance the acoustics, etc. They will be coordinating the overall team for your project. Depending on the service you choose, AV consultants may or may not help you choose and purchase equipment.

Do You Really Need an AV Consultant?

You might feel the temptation to do all of this yourself, especially if you know exactly what you need. However, this can run up against a variety of issues. First, most people, including most IT people, don’t have the specialized knowledge required. AV consultants typically have some formal education in the subject.

A good AV consultant can not only make sure the right equipment is installed but can also help you find specialty gadgets you might not know you need. In addition, an AV consultant can come back at any time if you need to upgrade or replace equipment; they can advise you on how to continue to improve your AV setup.

Another advantage of going with an AV consultant is that they have the contacts and knowledge needed to negotiate with vendors and can typically get you a better price. If they are part of a professional installation company, then they also have the advantage of buying in larger quantities and getting trade discounts you may not be able to access on your own.

Also, it takes a lot of time to monitor the installation, work with the technician, keep track of expenses, etc. Trying to do it yourself can result in key things not being done. It can also make it more likely that you will go over budget.

How to Choose the Right Audio Visual Consultant

A key factor to consider is that the consultant you choose should be experienced in the kind of facility you have. Both schools and churches have special needs. For example, a church needs a system that will:

  • Generate fantastic acoustics in the sanctuary
  • Provide a good intercom system for classrooms and offices
  • Send sound to outdoor spaces

Schools have a different set of needs, starting with a high-quality PA system that must be readily audible in every part of the building. Emergency notifications need to reach everyone in the building quickly. In addition, the system needs to have both audio and visual components to comply with accessibility requirements. You also need a good class bell system.

Make sure that the consultant you choose has experience with all of the systems you intend to install. Having to hire more than one company increases the risk of going over budget and adds more “moving parts,” which can result in miscommunication.

Finally, make sure you are happy with the brands of equipment they plan on installing. Some consultants will use whatever is cheapest rather than going with higher quality national brands that will give you quality and durability.

Whether you are setting up a complicated (or even reasonably simple) audio visual system for a business, school, or house of worship, you need the right AV consultant to help you get the job done. Contact us today to learn more about our services and take the next step to your new AV system.

AV Consultant FAQ

  • Why do I need an AV consultant for my audio visual system installation? An AV consultant is essential to ensure that the right equipment is installed, monitor the installation process, and help you get the best setup for a reasonable price.
  • Can’t I just install the audio visual system myself? While it may be tempting to DIY, most people lack the specialized knowledge required for a successful AV installation. An AV consultant has the expertise to advise on equipment, acoustics, and overall system coordination.
  • How do I choose the right audio visual consultant for my facility? When selecting an AV consultant, make sure they have experience with the specific needs of your facility, whether it’s a school, house of worship, or office. Look for expertise in acoustics, intercom systems, PA systems, and other essential components.
  • Will hiring an AV consultant help me save money on equipment purchases? Yes, an AV consultant has the contacts and negotiating skills to get you better prices on equipment. They may also have access to trade discounts and can help you make informed decisions on equipment upgrades.

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