Our Process

Our Process consists of eight stepsOur process at Moffitt is a series of steps designed to ensure that each customer gets the solution that is right for their needs and budget.

Step 1: Needs Analysis

Our process begins with a Moffitt representative who will visit your site to gather information. The need analysis is mainly a conversation about how your organization will utilize the facility to, train, worship, teach or communicate. We find that no two organizations use audio, video, or security in exactly the same way. The Moffitt representative will encourage conversation about how you feel the technology project should benefit your organization. Topics covered will include project scope, budget, and goals. You will be offered suggestions based on projects we have completed in the past, and technologies we feel should be considered as part of your scope. These conversations help our customers bring clarity to the project by identifying needs and the questions that need to be considered.

Step 2: Facility Evaluation

In step two of our process, Moffitt technical personnel will evaluate your facility. This evaluation will include facility physical characteristics that may affect, the cost or effectiveness of the solution we propose. This would include dimensions, acoustics, ambient light horse, and existing equipment. Further our trained staff would identify wire paths, structural limitations and potential safety code issues. Our staff is trained to discuss with a representative what limitations the structure might place on the project or how cost could be impacted by equipment location. The facility evaluation will help the customer understand what cost tradeoffs his organization may be facing and help frame technology choices for the project.

Step 3: Design and Initial Estimates

Step 3 involves the Moffitt design team generating a functional design that addresses the customer needs within an estimated budget. This step includes equipment selection, preliminary wiring diagrams equipment location drawings. From these processes a preliminary estimate is prepared. This estimate will be presented to the customer to insure the concept and budget are reasonable. If approved a formal quote will be prepared.

Step 4: Formal Quote/Proposal

Step 4 of our process is when Moffitt Technology offers the customer a Formal Proposal. This proposal will detail the solution offered and the price. The proposal will include information about equipment and services offered, payment terms, and the required obligations of both Moffitt Technology and the customer to insure project success. Now the customer has the information to make a final decision.

Step 5: Purchase

Congratulations, you have agreed to purchase a system from Moffitt Technology. What happens now? Upon receipt of your purchase order or confirming documents the Moffitt team goes to work to insure your project comes off without a hitch. Within a couple of days, your equipment is on order, and your installation is placed or our schedule. Equipment delivery times vary but you will be informed of a potential installation window within a week. Our Schedule is not always perfect, but we will clearly communicate our arrival as closely as possible. When we have received the last of your equipment we will confirm our final installation date.

Step 6: Installation

Now we show what we are really made of. Installation will began on the scheduled day and we will work diligently to complete your project on time. You will notice our installers are well trained, courteous and will diligently clean up their work areas as we progress. Moffitt technicians are trained to the latest Infocomm standards and experienced in observing all safety requirements each installation demands. Expect clear communication about our work schedule as we strive to interfere with ongoing activity as little as possible. At the conclusion of your installation you will sign a document indicating our completion of your project.

Step 7: Training

At the conclusion of your project the Moffitt staff will provide training to insure the proper use of your new system. At an appointed time you will receive a thorough review and given an opportunity to ask questions. Moffitt can also provide retraining upon request for reasonable fees or as part of a service agreement.

Step 8: Support and Service

Moffitt is a full service provider offering ongoing service contracts featuring preventative maintenance and all levels of support. Moffitt maintains a 1-800 number and emergency call support on an ongoing or per incident basis. You will be pleased with the professionalism of our staff and their dedication to keeping your system operating at the highest level. Our post installation follow ups initiate our customer care that will keep you satisfied. Our staff stands readily to meet your needs. Contact us if you have any questions!