Creston DM NVX : The Coming AV Solution

There’s a new approach to AV solutions that promises to be a significant trend over the next decade. Its called AV-over-IP (audio visual over internet protocol). These systems have grown in popularity over the past few years. In fact, some experts predict that it will be the main technology of the not-too-distant future.   

Moffitt Technology is proud to be a supplier of one of the top AV-over-IP systems, the Creston DM NVX ™.

In a nutshell, AV-over-IP means that information such as video and audio runs through traditional computer data networks instead of the elaborate and sometimes cumbersome traditional AV systems.  

And just like many of our office technologies have moved onto a network, AV-over-IP systems can work that way as well. You can use your home or business network to transmit video, audio and more. This technology promises to be a great solution to solve your AV and control problems.

Simplify your systems

By using the Creston DM NVX, you can streamline the way you handle your systems. Your IT folks can handle it like a traditional network, and the quality is truly outstanding.

All of your information is routed through a single unit. But even better, the DM NVX offers what it calls” Pixel Perfect Processing technology.”  This means the images and sound that you see and hear is so high quality that it will be close to the real thing. 

Creston DM NVX  features include:

  • AUDIO: The DM NVX allows the lossless transport of 7.1 surround sound audio–as well as well as stereo audio breakaway–across your entire network. 
  • VIDEONo matter what format you are showing, the DM NVX is the only network AV solution featuring Pixel Perfect Processing. 
  • USB: Your network design will be more flexibility and you’ll be able to use less hardware. In addition, the DM NVX has USB 2.0 routing to use with a wide range of peripherals. 
  • CONTROL: The DM NVX will make your systems more efficient and easier to manage. Using standard protocols, you’ll be able to expand control across your network.

Here at Moffitt, we’d love to talk with you about the advantages you can gain by this ability to distribute video, audio and control signals over a traditional network system.

Contact us today to find out more about the Creston DM NVX system.


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