6 Additional Uses for Surveillance Systems

As somebody who recently changed careers and entered the tech world, I once thought that security cameras and surveillance systems were used just for recording and monitoring your property or employees. It wasn’t until I started looking through some of our product catalogs that I realized these systems can do more than simply record and playback. Extra functions can be obtained by utilizing an analytic server or selecting cameras or an NVR with built-in analytic functions.

Below I have compiled a list of some features that I found interesting.

1. Line Crossing

By setting up a virtual line in the camera’s field of view, alerts can be triggered when the line is crossed by people or objects. An example would be if you are recording a busy street and you want to be notified when people trespass by jumping the fence.

2. People Counting

Have you ever wondered how many people are coming into your store? Or maybe you want to track how many times people traverse a hallway. Analytics software can provide bi-directional counting of people entering and exiting an area. The system can even export the data to an easy to read report.

3. Heat Mapping

In addition to being able to track how many people come and go, heat mapping tracks where they go. By tracking the differences of where motion occurs, it’s possible to create a map of high traffic areas. A retailer could then stage their products in the optimal positions so that they are seen.

4. Missing or Unattended Objects

Systems can now detect when objects have gone missing from predetermined spots and signal an alert. If high valued items are on display, security can be alerted when the object goes missing. The increased response time may allow security to apprehend the thief before they can flee. The alert also bookmarks the recording which reduces time spent searching video recordings for the incident.

Along the same lines, the reverse can also be done. If an object is left unattended, an alert can go off. This could be used to detect unattended shopping carts or even a suspicious suitcase that was left in a lobby.

5. Automatic License Plate Recognition

Security systems can be used to identify plate numbers in real-time. The system can be linked to a database of plate numbers and a predefined action be performed. An entrance gate could be linked to the system and could automatically allow whitelisted plate numbers to be allowed through. Or if an unrecognized car enters a lot, security can be notified.

6. Facial Recognition and Digital Signage

When paired with digital signage, cameras can help personalize marketing adds. By using facial analytic software, a computer can determine traits such as age or sex. That information can then be used to change the digital signage in the area to give a more targeted ad. The system can also recognize specific products instead of facial features.

If you would like to know more or are interested in installing a new or upgrading your surveillance system, please contact us. Access control or intercom systems can also be integrated into your surveillance system. You can reach us at our toll-free number 1-800-262-1222, email, or by web form.

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