Inside an empty school classroom to demonstrate school intercom systems

A Starter Guide to School Intercom Systems

School intercom systems are a vital part of providing a safe learning environment for students, but can be incredibly complicated to implement. Many school districts have rules about intercom setup that, for example, require a two-way intercom in each room. Intercoms also have to meet various local and national building codes, as well as standards…
Professional mixing soundboard to demonstrate a/v system design

Good A/V System Design Follows These 2 Key Principles

Intuitive audiovisual (A/V) systems are a top priority for educational, business, and leisure companies to communicate with their audiences in an engaging manner. The success of an effective A/V system begins in the design process, where suitable devices and platforms are selected and configurations strategically planned for the most successful outcome. While there are several…
Microphone on a church stange to demonstrate Speakers for a church

How to Choose Speakers for a Church

A professionally installed sound system is a priority in churches to ensure the congregation can clearly receive the clergy’s sermons. Without an efficient speaker system, it may be difficult to keep members engaged and focused, resulting in a less than satisfactory experience for all. Fortunately, by following some simple guidelines for choosing and placing speakers…
Little girl in front of a school blackboard screaming into bullhorn demonstrating school intercom systems

How Do School Intercom Systems Work?

School Intercom Systems Make Schools Safer and More Efficient in Uncertain Times You have probably experienced an intercom system at work while in school. An intercom, also called intercommunication device or door phone, is a stand-alone voice communications system commonly used in schools and universities. It is a two-way communication electronic device that contains circuitry…