Creston DM NVX : The Coming AV Solution

Creston DM NVX : The Coming AV Solution

There’s a new approach to AV solutions that promises to be a significant trend over the next decade. Its called AV-over-IP (audio visual over internet protocol). These systems have grown in popularity over the past few years. In fact, some experts predict that it will be the main technology of the not-too-distant future.    Moffitt Technology is…
Outdoor Security Camera

6 Additional Uses for Surveillance Systems

As somebody who recently changed careers and entered the tech world, I once thought that security cameras and surveillance systems were used just for recording and monitoring your property or employees. It wasn’t until I started looking through some of our product catalogs that I realized these systems can do more than simply record and…
5 Reasons Houses of Worship Audio Video Upgrades Fail

5 Reasons Houses of Worship Audio Video Upgrades Fail

I have had the pleasure lately to work with quite a few houses of worship in successfully upgrading technology and enhancing the worship service experience for their members. It has been great to get out and meet some awesome people and I always enjoy learning about the variety in worship experiences and how they differ…
What Does the Internet of Things Mean to Me?

What Does the Internet of Things Mean to Me?

We hear a lot of talk these days about the Internet of Things or IOT for short. What is it? A general description is a wireless networking technology that allows individual devices to efficiently communicate with each other. The implications are extraordinary and already visible in popular IOT technologies available, such as, Crestron’s Infinet or…
Flat Screen Math

Flat Screen Math: 1 + 1 ≠ 2

The proliferation of new technologies in audio visual systems and the push in consumer markets for larger, brighter, cheaper flat screens has been a real benefit to your average consumer and NFL fan. Those 60”, 70”, and 84” flat screens can bring real life to the NBA playoffs or World Series. As with all consumer…
Audio, Video and Security Systems

The World and Moffitt Move On

Recently, I had time to pause and examine the changes going on in the marketplace and the impact that it would have on Moffitt Technology. Indeed, the world of audio, video and security is changing faster than any time in history. Several megatrends have begun to emerge that will disrupt the traditional market channels and…